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Away With You (The Revenge Series #2)

Model : Heidi Henkel


“It feels good, doesn’t it? The hate? Hold it tight, Josslyn. Boil in it. You must embrace your hate for men like me. Feed and nurture it as it consumes you from the inside. There will come a time when you’re finally standing across from the one person you despise the most in this world, and it will be the hate that finally sets you free.” ~ Nikolai Petrov

Capture. Escape. Kill.

Josslyn is a homicide detective, a woman obsessed with imprisoning a psychotic killer.
After escaping a murderer’s clutches, she sits face-to-face with the dangerous man, and tempted with an offer she is unsure if she will be able to decline. It involves finding the men responsible for the death of her father, killers who have been walking free for over fifteen years.

Nikolai is a dangerous assassin, a man with an agenda of his own.

After escaping from prison, his only goal is to destroy the man who annihilated his family and attempted the same on him. It’s a death he has been planning for years. He’s become evil incarnate. The blood lust consuming the details as they guide his merciless heart toward vengeance.

One seeks justice.

The other seeks revenge.

Together, they search for one man.

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“Stop wasting our time, Nikolai. Take this anger out on the person responsible for their deaths. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it? That’s why we’re together right now.” I lift my hands like he has done many times with me and hold his cheeks firmly between my palms. My eyes are piercing, and my words are determined. “Together, we’re going to get the bastard who murdered our families.”

He looks deeply into me. The intensity reaches the darkest caverns of my soul and wakes them from the decade long sleep. We met through blood, yet we connect through our pain.

I fall willingly into his vast, icy pools, the agony and loathing bleeding from his broken eyes. He reaches for my hand, threading our fingers together against his face.

His voice is low and gruff when he confirms assertively, “Together?”

I lean my head down, brushing our foreheads together. The closer I get to him, the more intoxicated I become. Then I fall completely in.

My inner demons are awakened. I don’t suppress them. I allow his scent to feed them. I can’t be the person society expects of me, not when I’m searching for my father’s killer, not when I’m with him. I need to be the person who has been living dormant.

My body is drenched in everything that is Nikolai Petrov when I whisper, “Together.”


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