Check out the cover of my up coming book Pay Dearly! If you liked my Sulfur Heights series that was on the darker side, you’re going to love this series as well! 

Release date is September 19th!

Pay Dearly 6x9a (1)


“You see, Josslyn, murder is brash. It’s derived out of careless impulses, leading to a trail of mistakes and ultimately capture. It’s elementary and messy. But revenge … Revenge is entirely different, my dear.

“It’s methodical and gratifying. Revenge stews and festers as your mind has nothing to do except ingest the hate—to transform and become the hate. Revenge only seeks one outcome. It wants them to pay and pay dearly.”~Nicolai Petrov

To Nicolai Petrov, being a criminal was not a choice. It was a necessity. In and out of Russia’s deadliest prisons, he learned how to survive and ultimately flourish amongst the worst criminals the broken society has ever seen. He rose through the ranks, soon becoming a valued member of one of Russia’s most feared organizations—Vory V Zakone, Thieves in Law.

For Josslyn Stowe, growing up in a typical American household was less than exciting. Her life was pretty much predictable, right down to her chosen profession: a third generation police officer who quickly formed a prestigious career. She was revered. She was perfect.

It was the tragic murder of an unknown family that sent these two powerhouse individuals on a collision course toward their opposing fate. Their story soon becomes a cat and mouse thriller that will have you wondering if there is good versus evil, right versus wrong, and retribution versus justice. Or are we all merely a lesser version of those who stand next to us?

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