Mike shouts the news to the growing crowd, causing everyone to scurry and put their money in on the bet—against Delilah no doubt. I give him my money, betting on Delilah and get into my designated seat. Delilah is behind the wheel, white as ghost.

“Turn the engine on and revit up.” She does as I ask, but barely touches the gas. “Come on, cupcake. I said rev the motor! Push your damn foot on the accelerator and make it roar!” She glares over at me and slams her foot on the gas pedal. Good.

“Jake, I’m really nervous now. I’m not sure I can—”

“Shut up. Your damn mouth got us into this mess, now you’re going to get us out,” I snap back, purposely pissing her off so she will focus on anything other than what she’s actually about to do.

“Don’t tell me to shut up!” Her eyes are set to kill as glares fly in my direction. Good, now she’s pissed. This is the right frame of mind that will make the slim chance of winning successful.

“Don’t do anything or say anything, got it? Listen to exactly what I’m saying and do exactly what I say when I say it! Do you understand?” I hold her chin, turning her head toward me and say, “You’ve got to trust me.”

This is the most dangerous stunt we’ve done thus far; with one wrong move, we could get killed. Driving one hundred mph down a straightaway isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes total concentration, balls of steel and absolute trust in your machine. Delilah needs to get acquainted real fast with the Challenger and find her balls because we’re about to do this.

I grab her hand, intensity burning from my skin and seriousness pouring from my eyes. “Look at me.” When her blue eyes reconnect with mine, we are suspended in a moment in time, hanging on only by the connection our eyes make. “You can do this. Do you hear me?” I squeeze her hand in mine. “Repeat what I just said.”

Delilah doesn’t break my gaze, her eyes only grip harder to mine. “I can do this.” She clutches my hand. “I trust you, Jake.”

I smile in return, knowing how good it feels to have her trust. The trust of someone who knows that whatever you do, they will believe in you and the words you say.

“Good. Now let’s make this grown man piss in his pants.” She gives me a giggle and then nods to Noah.

Here goes nothing.